Food and Refreshments

Bonjour Creperie - Food should be fun; surprising; exciting. And above all, it should be enjoyed. At Bonjour Creperie, we offer you authentic French crepes wrapped around fillings as familiar as your favorite dish to combining flavors and textures you never thought possible. 
Farm Truck was built around knowing what is in your food and where it comes from. We spend the time to hand make all of our menu items with quality ingredients and we always go out of our way to do things right. Our produce comes from local farms, our bread from a local bakery, and our coffee is organic, fairly traded and locally roasted.  Most of our disposable items are either recyclable or biodegradable, and you will always find a recycling bin outside the truck.  We are involved with our community and have a strong commitment to the arts and to providing real, quality food to everybody.  Check us out at
Kung Fu Hoagies is an all vegetarian and vegan friendly food cart serving South and West Philadelphia.  Hoagies, noodles and sides creatively inspired by traditional vegetarian Vietnamese food, served by friendly local Kung Fu addicts.
Local 215 - At Local 215, we’re committed to sourcing as many ingredients locally as we can while still providing you with high quality affordable food options year round. It is our mission to extend only the freshest, most natural and unprocessed foods to our customers. Buying from local farmers not only makes our dishes delicious; it also supports our neighbors’ livelihoods.  We see fostering local businesses as a cooperative responsibility, not only for our community, but for our environment as well.  This dedication to great food and good business is the core of our philosophy. 
Little Baby's is a hand-made, small-batch, super-premium Ice Cream and non-dairy frozen dessert company based in East Kensington, Philadelphia. We specialize in unique and surprising flavor combinations, primarily made from 16% butterfat dairy sourced from Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, PA and hand-dip them at our shops and from our small fleet of custom Ice Cream tricycles. Ice Cream is a Feeling.
Lil' Pop Shop
Lil’ Pop Shop's unique ice pops are hand-crafted in small batches from a seasonal assortment of fresh, natural, locally-sourced ingredients. No neon or artificial ingredients or dyes are ever used in our ice pops. Just fresh fruit, sugar, herbs, spices, milk, yogurt and cream. Enjoy our pops at the shop, 265 S. 44th St., West Philly, or at our mobile cart. For info on catering and special orders, get in touch with us.

Victory is Green

Greenfest Philly Sustainably Brewed Beer Garden - Victory Brewing Company will be providing the beer for Greenfest's Beer Garden. Since opening the brewery in February 1996, Victory has emphasized environmental responsibility. When choosing a brewery location, they decided to rejuvenate the existing buildings of a former Pepperidge Farm factory instead of building new. Later, in 2004, Victory Brewing Company upgraded the brewhouse with a system that recovers much of the primary energy fueling it. Victory is also focused on reducing waste and recycling. As part of the brewing process Victory recycles the nearly 25,000 pounds of spent grain is generated every 24 hours through an an arrangement with a local farmer who takes this brewing by-product and feeds it to his farm animals.