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West Philadelphia Orchestra plays music that is mostly rooted in Eastern European folk music traditions, but does it with its own voices, Philadelphia voices nourished by our jazz heritage, tinged with punk rock, soul, and cheesesteaks, and blended with the voices of the band members' community. As a village band, WPO aims to uplift, inspire, and unify the Philadelphia community by playing music that renders bo undaries obsolete and represents excellence. 

Ron Gallo is an ever-changing, good spirited, weirdo madman who came into all of our lives as the frontman of the Toy Soldiers. This "arts and crafts music project" of the same name is an attempt at capturing where Ron Gallo is at any given moment. Sometimes rock n' roll, sometimes sunday morning bossa nova, sometimes funtime rap metal about Kurt Vonnegut, whatevs. Ron explains, "In the words of Tina Turner, 'what's love got to do with it?' ...EVERYTHING."

Pine Barons is a brotherhood of four artists aiming to find their rock n roll destinies born among the pitch pines of southern New Jersey. With a wide spectrum of influences, from classic rock to folk, jazz, and punk, Pine Barons is an amalgamation of four personalities and visions whose friendship and respect shape their craft.  After many half-magical high fives, this troupe of ultra-pals have scribed their plans to spread their music to the thinkers, friends, lovers, and magicians of the world and combat forces of malice.  

No Stranger is a musical chronicle of Jonathan Cooney's journey through life and his attempt to understand our time in it. His blend of acoustic finger style under an ethereal voice aims for your heart and hopes to stay. Stream No Stranger's debut EP Onward at

Music starts at 11am and goesn until 3:30 pm.

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